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  • Windows XP SP3 or later versions of Windows (the application was developed in Win 7 x64 and tested in XP SP3)
  • .NET Framework 4.0 (the setup application will install it if not installed)

Setup or install the application

  • Save "" to your downloads folder or any other of your preference
  • Extract the contents of ""
  • Execute or run the Setup application; the application will open immediately after setup completes successfully
  • The application is ready under START->All Programs->JPJSM->DeepRemove


  • Use the [Select Folder to Remove] button to find the folder you want to remove
  • Choose your Log Level
    • Minimum: Reports only the statistics and the end status
    • removed/deleted names: Reports all deleted files, removed folders, statistics and end status
    • verbose: Reports everything the app does on top of the above option
  • Choose a location where to save the log file
    • User Documents: Log file is saved in the user 'My Documents' folder
    • Root Folder: Log file is saved in the root folder '\' of the user's 'My Documents' drive. Usually is the C: drive.
  • Check the box to enable the Remove button
  • Press the remove button and check the counters to see how fast folders and files are being deleted


  • This is a permanent delete of folders and files; so, no options to send to the recycle bin
    • You are using this app because you couln't remove the folder using the windows shell or regular commands; so, no need to send files to the recycle bin
  • This is a graphical interface no command line arguments

New in this release

  • The option to select where to save the Log File; between the user's documents folder or the root folder of the drive where the user's documents are located

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